Reasons to Settle Your Personal Injury Case

Getting hurt in an accident that was not your fault can leave you with medical bills and lost wages because of your injuries.  You may have no choice but to take legal action to get compensated for your personal losses.  However personal injury cases can sometimes drag out for years and in the meantime your financial situation is not getting any better.  Oftentimes when insurance companies are involved after the accident they will offer you a set amount to settle the case right then and there.  There are lots of reasons to settle your personal injury case rather than spending years fighting it in court.  Let’s have a look at the reasons why settling may be your best option.

1.  It’s Money Here and Now

Being injured and unable to work whether permanently or just temporarily doesn’t stop the bills from coming in.  You may have medical bills on top of all of that but a settlement gives you the money you need to live on here and now.  However that doesn’t mean you should settle for too little, speak to an attorney first to make sure that any settlement offered you is fair.

2.  Avoiding a Trial

Both sides in a dispute want to avoid a trial if they can and that can take forever.  Both sides will often come to an out of court settlement just to avoid the hassle and the cost of going to trial.  You won’t be able to receive any money until the case is settle which can be financially devastating.  For the insurance company going to court means paying attorneys and that becomes expensive for them as well.  This brings us to the next point.

3.  Trials are Unpredictable

Insurance companies often prefer to settle out of court because it allows them to control the cost.  They expect to pay a certain amount of claims each year and they can control the amount of money that is being offered.  In a court case they run the risk of a huge settlement being offered to the plaintiff and they would rather avoid that.

4.  Confidentiality

Depending on the nature of the case many insurance companies prefer the situation to be kept confidential.  In this day and age where social media is a part of everyone’s lives they don’t want the details open to the public.  They don’t want large settlements affecting stock prices or risking damage to their public profile.  Settling out of court give both parties the chance to find a favorable settlement that includes confidentiality.

What to Do if You Have Been Charged with a Violent Crime

Getting charged with a crime is an overwhelming process and if you don’t understand the legal system or your rights the mistakes you make can result in some pretty devastating consequences affecting the rest of your life.  Do you know what to do if you have been charged with a violent crime?  It is crucial that you understand your basic rights and get legal representation so you don’t face a lengthy jail sentence.

What Constitutes a Violent Crime?

The definition of a violent crime will vary to a degree from state to state but for the most part violent crimes are domestic violence, rape, assault, manslaughter and battery.  Some states will consider robbery or arson a violent offense while others don’t.  Being charged with a homicide is violent it has its own category and is treated differently than other violent crimes.

Classifications of Violent Crimes

Violent crimes fit into three different categories, crime that causes harm to another person, sexual assaults and crimes against property.  Crimes against property are treated differently in most cases as damage to property is far different than damage to people many jurisdictions will treat arson as a violent offense.

Assault and battery are the two most common violent crimes that you see in the legal system and it is a crime against another person.  Rape and sexual assaults are also considered crimes against another person.  Crimes against another person are treated very seriously by the legal system.  Most people don’t understand the difference between assault and battery.  Assault will cause the victim to fear bodily harm, whereas battery involves actual physical contact.

You Need an Attorney

If you find yourself charged with a violent offense you need to take it seriously and you need to understand the implications that go with that.  Violent offenses can result in jail time and a lengthy sentence at that.  Years of your life could be at stake so it is important that you have adequate legal representation.  You need to make sure that your rights are protected.  You may also have a suitable defense like protecting yourself or another person and in that case you need someone to fight your case.  A good attorney can help you minimize the sentence you’re facing.  Your future is on the line and if you want to have a future then you need a good criminal defense attorney on your side otherwise you could be looking at a very lengthy jail sentence.